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The Home Depot Foundation Charity Golf Tournament Online Foursome Auction

Welcome to The Home Depot Foundation Charity Golf Tournament Online Foursome Auction
hosted by Building Services & Operations!


The Home Depot Foundation Charity Golf Tournament Auction hosted by Building Services & Operations is now open. The auction will culminate with a live bidding hour that will take place on Wednesday, September 19 from 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT. The auction will end promptly at 1:00pm EDT. Don't miss your chance to bid to play golf with the Building Services & Operations contact of your choice!

Participation in the auction is optional, but you must have registered to play golf during the online event registration process in order to be eligible to participate in the online auction. The top three bidders* for each Home Depot golfer will be part of that golfer’s foursome, with the highest bidder riding in the cart with the executive! 

In order to begin bidding and participate in the live bidding hour, you must register on this auction site. Registration is a simple process and will take approximately 5 minutes. An invoice requesting payment for all winning bids will be sent at the conclusion of the auction so a credit card is not needed in order to bid.

Please note that while bidding, you will be prompted to let us know if you would like to keep previous or duplicate bids when placing a second or third bid on the same lot. This typically occurs when one person is bidding for multiple golfers from his or her company. Please give yourself a little extra time to bid in order to accommodate this small extra step in the bidding process.

To learn more about how the auction works, please check out the How to Bid page. You must register before placing your first bid. Click here to register.

Bid it up!